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The Bible Classroom Web site is being developed to aid serious students of the Bible in sorting truth from the conglomeration of unfounded tradition, false teachings, misapplication and misinterpretation of Scripture that plagues the Christian Church and has done so since the first century (noting Galatians chapter one for example).

This site and its contributors have the express goal of helping the student dig out the truth that will set people free from guilt, fear, condemnation, depression, discouragement, defeat and the like and replace all of that with all that the “Glad Tidings of Great Joy” promises to those who come to Christ in faith.

This will indeed be a classroom experience for those so interested.  There will be interactive studies, workbooks you can do, correspondence courses, and prepared studies for your consideration.  These will be added to the web site regularly as time transpires.  Exciting contributors, participants and resources will be made available to you for further study.

This will not be more “of the same old thing”.  Much of the work presented will clash with what believers always thought was the truth.  The difference is that sound Biblical exegesis and hard work goes into these studies, and not just some opinion based in what someone thinks the Bible is teaching.

Further, rather than teach believers what they should believe, tools will be given to help the student dig it out for him/herself.  The developer is open to allowing God to do the work in the life of the believer once the truth of His word is clearly understood. So it is a Bible student’s opportunity to rise above the mundane and elementary and seriously consider what the truth is we are to glean within in the Biblical narrative.

Those developing this web site are excited about it.  We know it will generate controversy.  It should.  Many Christians are weary of “pablum” and are looking to “get to it”.  This site is dedicated to these folks.  Bible Classroom will not and does not solicit any financial support.  It simply follows the counsel of our Lord who said, “Freely you have received, freely give.”

We hope to see you back here soon!